Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some information regarding the event.

For answers to your questions about the web site, our technical FAQ could help.

What is The Kennel?

The Kennel is a European dog play convention for men.

What is dog play?

Dog play is the variety of pet play where people jump into the role of a dog.

What is pet play?

Pet play or animal roleplay is a roleplay where humans take the roles of animals.
Wikipedia provides more detailed information.

Is The Kennel a commercial event?

No. We are organizing The Kennel on a non-profit basis. The participants only pay for room and board.

Do you provide a poster or a picture that I could show in my online profile? E.g. on Planetromeo or Fetlife

Yes, we would like to see our two posters on each and every online profile. Please, download the image you prefer directly from this page. Thanks a lot for your support.
poster 1 2014poster 2 2014

Both posters are available as PDF files of the size A4, too: poster 1; poster 2

What should I carry with me?

We suggest printing our check list which you could use when packing your things.